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Thread: how to create a colored glass material?

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    how to create a colored glass material?

    Hi there,
    I'm trying to create a glass material with a colored texture applied to it. I managed to create the glass material and I applied my colored texture to its diffuse channel. Now I applied the material to a static mesh and this is the result.

    my problem is that I wanted the light coming through to take on the color of the material and paint my colored pattern to the floor...but unfortunately it doesn't by default, as you can see in the picture the light on the floor is just white. Anybody knows how to do it? Is it the glass material that needs some property set or the floor material?


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    You need to make a light function for a separate spotlight to fake the color pouring through it. Look up "UDN Light functions" in google to get info on how to set it up.

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    ok thanks. I'll look into that ,)

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