I am looking for Kismet functionality to move the player by x amount of units in either the x or y axes when they collide with the trigger, but I am having trouble actually achieving this.

So far, I have put down an interpactor that, when activated, will push the player along, but it moves so quickly that it doesn't register collision with the player until the Matinee sequence reverses. (And I'm afraid the move HAS to be almost instantaneous)

I've also tried instituting a teleporter system, but because the teleporter will send the player to a target object's location, instead of a designated location, I can't see that I can do any in-between maths to say "move the player from this location, 20 units on the y axis", instead of the current "move to that object", which causes gameplay issues.

Finally, I tried using Set Actor Location, with setter/getter vectors - which seemed like the best solution - but the functionality never worked as expected and - after a bit of reading - this seems to be a frequent complaint, so it seems that option's out, too.

Does anybody have any advice or methods on how to solve this?

Many thanks,