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Thread: Side Scroller Custom Weapon Pickups Help

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    Side Scroller Custom Weapon Pickups Help


    I'm creating a side scroller game in UDK. I'm using the StarterPlatformGame kit/udk gem.

    I want to add weapon pickups on my map so I went ahead and added a UTWeaponPickUpFactory in the Unreal Editor and set the pickup to UTWeaps_RocketLauncher. The problem is, when I go ahead and pick it up, the weapon I'm holding doesn't switch to a rocket launcher like it's suppose to. The rocket launcher fires though, but the ammo fires from the player's head.

    Should I go creating a new class that extends from the SPG_Weapon or UTWeaps_RocketLauncher, or etc?

    Can anyone give me some pointers on how to approach this situation? Sorry if this is a noob question but I'm new to UDK stuff.


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    Solid Snake
    Because the Starter Kit does not extend from UT, you'll need to reimplement those weapons and features again.

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    What is the first step I should do? Should I go making a new SPG_Weapon that extends from UT?

    Can you please guide me by any chance?

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