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Thread: Navigation mesh stops producing valid paths in Multiplayer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BooleanFiasco View Post
    Yeah, I log the position when the call to FindPath fails, and the position is correct. I don't think this is a terrain issue since I'm using a perfectly flat brush floor, heh. The value you're probably referring to is MinWalkableZ, which I'm pretty sure isn't my problem due to the previously mentioned flat floor.
    Have you tried making the aicontroller use the Scout pawns instead of your custom pawn to see if it makes a difference? This guy had similar issue, pawn moves for a while then stops, ( see bottom post).

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    I don't think that the scout class he's referring to in that thread is meant to be spawned in the game - it's used by Recast to generate the navigation mesh at map compile time. I'm not using a custom class for that, just the default setting in DefaultEngine.ini (which is UTScout).

    I went ahead and tried it anyway since I don't have any better ideas but it just results in the pawns falling out of the world (since Scout.uc calls SetCollision(FALSE,FALSE) in PreBeginPlay).

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    Scout is used for navmesh generation AND pathfinding at runtime, if you're using a custom scout, it needs to be set in two places in Engine.ini, for editor and runtime. Its not to be used AS your pawn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jetfire View Post
    Scout is used for navmesh generation AND pathfinding at runtime, if you're using a custom scout, it needs to be set in two places in Engine.ini, for editor and runtime. Its not to be used AS your pawn.
    That's what I figured. I haven't made any scout changes, I'm just using what UDK defaults to (which seems to be UTScout).

    After further testing I can say that the problem is definitely tied to spawning. The number of AIs spawned doesn't seem to matter, but the time since the first AI was spawned does. I can spawn a dozen or more AIs just fine if I do it quickly and they'll carry on pathing around happily forever. But, spawning just two will cause the navmesh to start failing if I wait 15-20 seconds before spawning the second AI. As soon as the second AI spawns BOTH of them will start having PATHERROR_GOALPOLYNOTFOUND every time they try to generate one.

    Going to continue poking at it and try to uncover more, but perhaps this will remind somebody else of something they've once encountered. Thanks for all of your help so far!

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    You are never going to believe this, but I am going to tell you anyway because it has completely blown my mind. Executive summary: there is some sort of memory alignment issue in UDK when running the 32-bit executable in a 64-bit environment.

    I have been pounding on this bug for several weeks and, in a final act of desperation, I burned everything down and started copying my child classes over line by line trying to identify what could possibly be causing this bug. I eventually narrowed it down to something in my Pawn class (and not in the Controller class, which was quite a surprise) and continue the process of adding one line at a time, recompiling, testing, ad infinitum.

    After a few hours I finally narrowed it down to the presence or absence of some floating point variables declared in my Pawn class. I'll repeat that, because it bears repeating: the bug is caused by having too many member variables declared in your class.

    I narrowed it down further to the exact byte by declaring a bunch of padding bytes, one at a time, until I got the bug to occur. I could declare a maximum of 3 bytes, and upon adding byte #4 and running my game the previously discussed nav mesh problem would occur. The header portion of my class is included at the end of this post for posterity, though its exact nature probably won't be helpful since the actual manifestation of this bug will depend on what your inheritance chain is, the number and nature of the interfaces you're implementing, etc.

    After spending several minutes laughing like crazy person I realized that this was probably the result of running a 32-bit executable on my Windows 7 64-bit installation, and sure enough when I checked the shortcuts I use to run my game they were all pointing at the Win32 directory in my UDK install. Switching these to use the 64-bit version completely solved the bug.

    If I may wax poetic for a moment, this is possibly the most amazing debugging effort of my programming career (I'm a professional game programmer in real life too). Managing to track down and debug a memory issue without any of the usual debugging tools is something I never, ever want to do again, but I feel like I can wear it as some sort of freakish medal.

    Thank you to everyone here who tried to assist me - there's absolutely no way anybody would have guessed that this was the issue, and I'm grateful for all the very helpful suggestions I received along the way. I still learned a number of things about UDK and UnrealScript in the process of fixing this so I'm going to chalk it up as a learning experience.

    The previously mentioned class header is below. The nav mesh failure will occur 100% of the time if the fourth padding byte (PaddingByte3) is uncommented and UDK is run using the 32-bit executable (or,for that matter, if you uncomment the other 3 actually useful floating points).

    class MobaTestPawn extends Pawn implements( MobaTargetableInterface, MobaStatusInterface, MobaHUDInterface );
    var() MobaSelectionComponent SelectionComponent;
    var DynamicLightEnvironmentComponent LightEnvironment;
    /** Slot node used for playing full body anims. */
    var AnimNodeSlot FullBodyAnimSlot;
    /** Overhead status bar values */
    var float OverheadBarWidth;
    var float OverheadBarHeight;
    var float OverheadBarYOffset;
    var float OverheadManaBarHeight;
     * Attack and ability related values
    var float AutoAttackRangeSqr;
    var bool bCanAutoAttack;
    var() MobaHomingProjectile AutoAttackTemplate;
    /** Will only be valid on AI controller minions */
    var MinionReplicationInfo MinionReplicationInfo;
    /** How much experience and gold this pawn is worth when killed */
    var() int ExperienceValue;
    var() int GoldValue;
    /** Basic combat values all pawns have - these level up with the pawn (via time, exp, etc.) */
    var() float BaseGroundSpeed;
    var() int BaseHealth;
    var() float BaseArmor;
    var() float BaseAttackDamage;
    var() float BaseAbilityPower;
    var() float BaseResist;
    var() float BaseAttackSpeed;        // Attacks per second
    /** Used for displaying damage, healing, status effects, etc. */
    struct DamageDisplayInfo
    	var float       LifeTime;
    	var float       StartTime;
    	var string      Text;
    	var LinearColor Color;
    	var Vector2D    Direction;
    	var float       Distance;
    	var Controller  Instigator;
    var array<DamageDisplayInfo> DamageDisplays;
    struct MobaTakeHitInfo
    	var float               Damage;
    	var class<DamageType>   Type;
    	var Controller          Instigator;
    	var byte                UpdateStamp;        // Used to force the struct to replicate
    /** Stores the most recent hit that the player has taken */
    //var repnotify MobaTakeHitInfo LastHitInfo;
    //var() float HitInfoDisplayLifetime;
    //var() float HitInfoDisplayMinAlpha;
    //var() float HitInfoDisplayMinDistance;
    var() float HitInfoDisplayMaxDistance;
    var byte PaddingByte0;
    var byte PaddingByte1;
    var byte PaddingByte2;
    //var byte PaddingByte3;

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    Tip: Use // instead of /**...*/... First, because you using only 2 not 5 and it looks better. Second, sometimes engine have problem with that too - especially if is used default properties.

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    I only use that style for commenting member declarations at the top of a class, and then it's just a "when in Rome" situation since that's how the built-in UDK classes are commented (Pawn.uc, Controller.uc, etc). I use // comments in normal code and the defaultproperties block.

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    That's absolutely bizarre haha. This is only a bug in multiplayer? I'm assuming then that you had to run the server in 64-bit instead of 32-bit? Or did you have to run the client in 64-bit too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by b3h47pte View Post
    That's absolutely bizarre haha. This is only a bug in multiplayer? I'm assuming then that you had to run the server in 64-bit instead of 32-bit? Or did you have to run the client in 64-bit too?
    Yep, multiplayer only. The server needs to be run in 64-bit but the client can be 32 or 64, it doesn't matter. I'm not sure if the same problem occurs with a listen server (I'm running a dedicated server) but I imagine that it probably does.

    My guess is that this is garbage collection related. The bug occurs very reliably 10-20 seconds after spawning an AI and doesn't seem to be affected by the number of AIs you spawn. You can spawn 30 or 40 of them just fine as long as you do it quickly, but spawning even 2 of them will cause the crash if you wait a while in between. I guess at some point the GC goes through and ends up freeing or moving the NavigationHandle in a way that the 32-bit executable simply can't handle, at least on a 64-bit system.

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    BooleanFiasco, your efforts sound truly heroic, hehe. Is this something that could be reproduced in the stock UDK or are some of your scripts required? I'd like to get a repro case setup for programmers here to take a look at.


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