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Thread: Material animation on character through Matinee

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    Material animation on character through Matinee

    Hi all,

    I've created a material that performs a dissolve effect (I followed this tutorial, so you can see the animation I have). I want it to be applied to my pawn, so I can play the animation when entering in 'stealth' mode and play it reverse when required. I've tested it with the same skeletal mesh that I use in the player's pawn and it works fine, but no animation is played in the player's pawn itself; no animation nor switching directly to the final material state is performed, it just stays the same (the material has been properly assigned, however).

    So, when the 'enter stealth mode' kismet event is triggered this is what I get (after the blending animation in the 2 meshes that perform it):

    ... and obviously, what I am interested in is player's pawn playing the animation as well.

    Do you know what I need to configure to get it working? Thanks for your help!

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    Any idea? I just want to play a material animation through Matinee in the player pawn's material (from visible to invisible and vice versa), but it doesn't work while it does if the same mesh is not the player's pawn.

    An example of the material transition effect I want to achieve is this. I already have the material and the transition effect, but I don't know how I can get player's pawn to play it when the proper button is pressed (I enter in invisible mode, but the material remains unchanged).

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