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Thread: Binding keys to Character

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    Binding keys to Character

    Hello all.
    I've created a character with custom skeleton and some animation for it and after some help from the forum, successfully imported it to the udk the way i wanted it .
    Now the problem is , i want to bind keys to it, for example : when i push "up" arrow on the keyboard it starts going forward using the animation i made.

    i tried searching on the forum, but i couldnt find anything to get me started. < i searched " binding keys to character " and " character movement " >
    i just found some advanced material <advance for me maybe > which i couldnt comprehend that much, like this one ...

    is it done in the unreal script or via matinee?
    Anyone can tell me what to do, or where to search and start , or point me to the right direction ?
    Thanks in advance.

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    This should be posted on the programming section, as this is programming involved, but since you don't know i'll tell you anyway, for the (when i push "up" arrow on the keyboard it starts going forward using the animation i made) there are many factors involved first since the forward function is already defined in the playerinput and in walkingstate, all you need to do is go to defaultinput.ini and modify the inputs there when you see w just modify the w which is the default forward key with your new forward key, then to play your custom animations you need a new animset that you created, and a new animtree, in your animtree you need to set sequences that will play while being in phys_walking,

    Now for the other binds that have nothing to do with walking, you will need to write this in an exec function this is programming when an exec function is declared you can directly bind a key to it so that you can hit this key everytime you want to "execute" the function, to do that check out the defaultinput.ini in the Primary bindings section,

    for the last question , it's done in unrealscript, in animset editor and in config files,

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    sounds like you haven't made your animtree yet, once made it is called via the pawn code which then saves you the trouble of coding all the anims to certain keys afaik

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    no i havent made an animtree yet , thanks for the replies. i'll get on to it

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