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Thread: Musket Animation Bone ID Problems

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    Unhappy Musket Animation Bone ID Problems

    Hi there everyone!
    First thread! hoorah! However its not exactly for the greatest reason. My problem is this:

    I have two animations for the same model, Trigger-cock and reload. The reload animation is fairly complex, the cock animation isn't.

    The issue is that some how the bone ID's are being switched around in each animation!
    I have played with ActorX export settings incl. 'persistant settings' etc and I simply cant seem to fix the problem.
    Every time I export the animations it seems the ID's switch around (only from Bone ID 2 Upward. What's going on!?

    Referance Images:

    Cock animation:

    Reload animation:

    If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be greatly appreciative.


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    to be honest i doubt udk is causing the problem, more likely your 3d program, be very careful how and where you place your keys

    ps on a side note it might be an idea to reduce the amount of textures/materials being used on your mesh, normally weapons only use 1 material

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    Yes thats a seperate issue I will be fixing soon. Its all the one UVMap/matterial. Just seperate objects. Kinda annoying. Easy fix though.

    What do you mean be careful how and where you place your keys? It makes no sense for it to be behaving this way based on the placement of my keys surely?

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    i don't want to try and teach you to suck eggs or how to use your 3d program but in all the years i've been using UT2004/UT3/UDK any problems like yours come from the 3d program and not UDK, it might help to see a video of the anim working in your 3d programm and then in udk
    atm i can't see any differance between the bones from those pics

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    Thanks geodav for your help and patience. I should have explained better. If you look closely you will see that say for instance half way along the barrel; the bone position where B_Rod should be, all of a sudden becomes B_Trigger in the Cock animation... Essentially what I need to be able to do is to swap what looks like Bone ID's*? in the individual animation in order to correct the problem.

    I have a feeling this issue has arisen from my alternation between 3dsmax 2012 and 2011 or saving alternate copies of my rig and then animating them separately and then exporting them into the same PSK file.

    The problem seems to be fixed by simply recreating the cock animation so I'm happy with that. But still is there a way to possibly swap around the Bone ID's in the PSK/UDK order to fix this issue?

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    not afaik, you could try changing the bone names but i doubt that would work but you never know till you try, the main thing to remember is to use the same mesh/rigg/program for skeletal meshes, just changing version can cause problems, also nameing helps i've done it myself by using an older mesh then wondered for a few hours why the anims didn't work because 1 bone name was different

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