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Thread: Two simple questions about Character rigging

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    Two simple questions about Character rigging

    Hi everyone ,i created my own character with a custom rig and now i have to make all the necessary animations from scratch and i have 2 problems :

    1) to be used in UDK ,a character animation must be on the X=0 Z=0
    but i work with footsteps in 3ds max and when i want to move the character to center axis ,the foots stay stucked in places :/
    how can i correct that ??

    2)i want to make the correct animations for different weapons (something like that) :
    Run_Fwd_Pst | Run Fwd_Stngr
    Idle_Pst | Idle_Stngr
    in some animations ,the legs positions change ,on others it's the upper body one ,my question is ,
    How can i copy/paste only some bones positions between different Files/Bipeds.

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    2) use the motion mixer part of the biped which can filter anims

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    thank you Geodav ,your link helped me a lot and answered my first question.

    i have found a way to solve my second problem using the Mixer and the Workbench :
    mixing two animation togheter
    exporting the animation in FBX and opening it with 3ds max (to get rid of the footsteps)
    then Copy/Paste only the desired bones keys from one animation to another and deleting the rest

    Edit : found the solution , it was "animation layers" ).

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