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Thread: Importing terrain that was made in another 3D tool to UDK

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    Please guy, somebody answer me. If I created some flat area in the 3d program and import it to UDK, how to make it work as gound, ceiling and walls

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    At the bottom of this page is an explanation of some collision properties.
    Have you tried un-checking UseSimpleBoxCollision in the the static mesh properties ?

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    Surely just render it out as a heightmap and a colour map?

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    I found interesting way. Have a look here

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    I have created my terrain as a static mesh, i have no need for the in engine terrain editor... I tried Per poly collision in engine and it works ( somewhat) the ut player acts as if it is falling off of a ledge every step he takes along side some FLAT areas he cant even walk through (Like there is an invisible wall).. is there a way to fix this? i have looked every single place i could think of for a solution and i am having no luck i just need a way to create collision for this chunk of terrain... and for what i am doing i cannot use the engines terrain editor to create chunks of map...Click image for larger version. 

Name:	10178092_833953023300517_5641695682497692038_n.jpg 
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ID:	15662 Here is also a video of the "Falling" in wihich i am talking about

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    Create a copy of your terrain mesh, simplify it so its less polys. Name this new mesh as the same as your terrain mesh but put UCX_ at the start of the name. Then export both meshes to UDK as fbx. Once in UDK, go to the Content Browser and double click the terrain model. In the properties scroll down and uncheck 'Use Simple Box Collision' and try it out in game. Sometimes you have to adjust the height of the terrain mesh before your character will walk normally on it for some reason. Try tweaking the height up and down to see if it works...

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    You can actually create the terrain in photoshop

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