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Thread: Need help with UV mapping from Blender to UDK

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    Need help with UV mapping from Blender to UDK

    I'm trying to learn how to import a mesh from Blender to UDK. I tried to import a simple cube but, in the scene, there are shadow triangles that I don't think should be there. The shadows are not baked in and remain in the general location even as I rotate the cube. This is after I rebuild all. What is causing those shadows?

    Also, when I view the UV channels in Unreal's static mesh editor, the texturemap and lightmap don't match what I created in Blender (there's a line criss-crossing).

    I'm using Blender 2.6.2, ASE Export script 1.41, and UDK March 2012. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Picture of imported cube with material placed in a scene to show the shadow problem.

    Picture of the texture UV map in Blender and in UDK. The mapping is the same for the lightmap which also has the criss-cross problem.

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    It's smoothing. UDK smooths any connected faces to save performance. You'll need to either make each face a subobject, use "mark sharp" edges and the edge split modifier, or chamfer/bevel it. Alternatively could use a normal map but probably way overkill for a box.

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    try my blender tutorials, for static meshes i use the fbx exporter, for skeletal meshes the blender unreal tools, links in my sig

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    Thanks BmB23 and geodav. I'll look into smoothing.

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