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Thread: Question about scaleform that comes with UDK

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    Question about scaleform that comes with UDK

    I'm a little confused on the limitations with the scaleform that comes with UDK vs the licensed version from Autodesk. For our current application we're building, we were looking to make sliders in the HUD that would control rotation of a model. Is this something that whatever scaleform comes with UDK could handle?

    If anyone knows where I could find documentation on it's limitations, please let me know!


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    Captain Zazz
    This page tells us that we don't get Scaleform Video. We also don't get the UI Kits.

    Scaleform itself is doesn't appear to be limited in any way. What you want to do sounds simple though and Scaleform will be fine with it.

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    Thank you!

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