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Thread: will pay someone to build me this map for UT3

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    will pay someone to build me this map for UT3

    I am looking for someone that knows how to build maps to make this map from this old ut99. It is an adult themed map with 2 porn theaters! It would be fun just to have for yourself once done. Here is a link to find the original map. Its called DM-Sexcity. The download link is towards bottom of page.

    I will pay $30 or best offer to do the map. I also need the map to then be cooked for a .jam to work on ps3.

    Please let me me know if you or any of your friends can do this. Thanks!


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    Darkn3ss is QnL
    Ill do it for a $100.000.000

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    estimated time 2 hours but will take 16 LOL

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    30$ will not cut it. I drink coffee for more than that while making any decent map with custom content. Your only hope is to convincing somebody to make it for free. So make screenshots post them here, explain what kind of details and quality you want.

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