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Thread: 3d viewport gone mental (feb build)

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    3d viewport gone mental (feb build)

    suddenly the 3d viewport in the editor has gone crazy. tried restarting and its the same every time.
    looks like something wrong with the fov, its super zoomed in and makes udk totally unuseable.
    everything is messed up, for example, the usual pink dots on a splineactor are huge pink squares.

    anyone have a fix other than re-installing udk?


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    did you modify any of the config files ?, also did you try to run it as admin (i don't know if that can help), also if you use the 32 bit try the 64 bit if it's the other way round then vice versa,

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    didnt change any config files
    32 and 64 bit versions are both messed up, admin or not.

    another thing happened too
    after i played in viewport the mouse got stuck to the top of the screen.
    iv seen the thread about that.

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    Are there any warnings in the log or errors that don't get critical ?

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    go into udkgame/config and delete all the udk*.ini files so they regen as new.

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