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Thread: Custom character with custom animation

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    Custom character with custom animation

    I have a character with custom animations. I have imported the character but am not sure how to put the animations in AnimTree and use it. I have the following animations. Can someone point me to the correct direction on how to use them.

    Animations List:
    • Idle
    • Standing_Fire
    • Run_Forward
    • Run_Backward
    • Strafe_Left
    • Strafe_Right
    • Crouch_Idle
    • Crouch_Strafe_Left
    • Crouch_Strafe_Right
    • Crouch_Forward
    • Crouch_Backward
    • Crouch_Rotate
    • Jump

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    Quote Originally Posted by geodav View Post
    Thanks GeoDav...Will try that out

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