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Thread: DM-SpiritedAway (FINAL, Pics and Download)

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    DM-SpiritedAway (FINAL, Pics and Download)

    EDIT: Note to Flak/Mods - I read the posting rules but could not see an option for adding icons to thread titles?

    Name: DM-SpiritedAway

    Version: FINAL

    Compatibility: PC

    Description: Fight it out in the bathhouse from the animated film, 'Spirited Away'. Inspired by Miyazaki's brilliant work, its my first UT3 map.

    Authors Notes: Finally releasing a finished version of this map as beta 3 has been available far too long on beta sub forum. Just getting it out there in a final state so people can enjoy it and I can let it be. NOTE: This map was created from a love of the film and wanting to create an accurate as possible bathhouse from the Spirited Away film. Gameplay was considered along the way. Hope you all enjoy it if you decide to download. (DOWNLOAD at bottom of page)

    "It's a bathhouse"

    Bathing area


    Sky view/workers quarters


    The Bridge

    Credits: Me for the map, Dinkelstefan for explosive barrels, Epic for the content.



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    wow....looking superb, D/Ling, thx for ur work and for sharing

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    Alright thanks Blitz - hope everything works. I was back on the editor after not using it for at least a year or more so was a little lost. Do you map btw?

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    Private Tux


    Brilliant job mate, you've really captured the critical acclaimed anime film once. OK I didn't watch it yet, so downloading the map.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonny View Post
    Alright thanks Blitz - hope everything works. I was back on the editor after not using it for at least a year or more so was a little lost. Do you map btw?
    lol, i try to map, to paint and watched all Miyazaki's moovies with my kids (this explain why i m impressed by the pictures, lot of harmony in all)....thought i dont map a lot theses last weeks....RL obligations
    not tryed the map yet & waiting to do it with my children when they ll have a minecraft pause l8r today
    will come back to you with some comments

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    "It's a bathhouse", LOL

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    I love Miyazaki's anime movies and Spirited Away is probably one of his best!
    Thank you for this great recreation of the bathhouse! No face was really creepy.

    PS: Due to some trouble with a forum upgrade recently the posting icons for the UT3 and UT2004 subforum have been removed - but afaIk they will be back later.

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    Great work, I like it

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    Great idea for a map, and nicely done. Also mirrored on Mapraider's three mirrors:

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    Private Tux


    Tested it and had no problems. This map would be the best if the author could do anything about it, something I say that this is a "bathhouse" map inside with large scaled and some several paths across this map, but it needs a player count and the author through the preview shot, I think this map is intended for 16-24 players I suppose. Beautiful and gloomy sunset skybox with the island view; also it has a very good atmosphere, lighting, visuals, many ways of Japanese-like decorations/textures, statues, trees, grasses, jumppads, waterfalls (it had no sound effects), weapon/item placements, lanterns, z-axis, and everything else I didn't mentioned. Pretty clever with the various type of barrel explosives and strange that there is a Raptor outside for crazy stuff (but fun ). This map is very good at FPS/gameplay and the bots are getting tough there.

    New mirror added to

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