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    Question Cost Comparison...

    i was hoping if someone could tell me which one of the bellow mentioned is most cost effective if we are trying to make a model for Phone game.(need low cost).

    (i) Creating a simple model of a Chair using CSG Brush.
    (ii) Creating a static mesh of chair and export it in udk and then try to create a collision model for it in UDK.
    (iii) Creating a static mesh of chair in 3ds max and export its original model with UCX prefix to be used as collision model.

    and another thing i wanted to ask is does it makes any difference if we create a static mesh in a 3rd party tool or create a model through CSG brush and convert in static mesh.

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    Nr3. Even though, create a rigid body, pick it up, and go mad!

    Still, for serious, nr3 is better. Own improvisation outstands everything.

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    Model those things in something like 3ds Max, modeling in UDK wouldn't be very easy and would end up with lower quality.

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    actually i was creating a room for first level. its like an Egyptian era game so most of things are in cubing form so its easy to model them even in udk. just wanted to know which method gives better result along with the lower cost. because at this point i really don't know which thing can be categorized as higher cost object or lower cost object.

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    I wouldn't think that an egyptian style would mean cubic shaped chairs.

    What's more, part of the issue is that you wouldn't be able to unwrap your UV's properly with something like that. And the issue you're going to run into is that most things can't be created that way due to complexity.

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    aaaa that chair thing was just an example

    well still searching..

    well can anyone tell me how many fps does the EpicCitidel map gives on iPhone 4s.

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