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Thread: UDK light/ static mesh no shadow help

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    UDK light/ static mesh no shadow help

    does anyone know how to make an object not cast a shadow step by step, just creating a racing game.

    The reason why is when the player crosses the line i will then add sound saying lap 1, lap 2 and lap 3. So the player will not see the hidden object I have the place and with no shadows being cast is the reason why.

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    Matboyle1 Why would you want to do that? You could just use a dominate point light to cover all the terrain and track.

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    Look in to PrimitiveComponent - start line 148 and make your choice...

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    If its a hidden object just open the properties - static mesh actor - lighting and uncheck cast shadow, cast dynamic shadow, cast static shadow ect... Just uncheck what makes sense and rebuild lighting. Even if its not a static mesh the process should be similar.

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