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Thread: Explosion Timed Loop - Question

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    Angry Explosion Timed Loop - Question

    Hello All,

    This is my first post and I swear - before I ask any questions I look to the ends of the Earth before posting anything.

    I want to add in artillery that is in a specific area once the map is loaded using a emitter_particle to project the artillery look.

    I'm pretty sure there has to be the following entities used:

    Level Loaded
    Emitter_1 ParticleEvent

    I tried in kismet but failed miserably since I couldn't set it up so here I am, can anyone help me out?



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    Does it need to be spawned dynamically on level load? I've only used particle events once so I may not have the answer; however, I only used them once because they didn't work. So you may need to find another way to do it, perhaps just by placing the emitter manually, or you could delve into the script and create your own system for it. If you can't find an answer here I suggest asking for help in coding your own kismet node in the Unrealscript section.

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