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Thread: KActor Physics

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    KActor Physics

    I have a bridge i'm trying to get to collapse properly. The parts which are supposed to collapse/fall, is built of KActors. But when the event is triggered (by another KActor falling on top of it), the KActors gives rather an explosion effect than a falling effect. (Every KActor shoots towards every direction). All of the KActors are overlapping with other KActors before being triggered, so I'm guessing this has something to do with collision.

    I still want the KActors to affect each other to make it look realistic.
    Any suggestion is much appreciated

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    Found an ok fix to my problem by changing the RBChannel to "RBCC_FracturedMeshPart" (some other options works as well (Collision-> Collision Component-> Collision)).
    But i would love to hear any input from somebody with experience regarding this subject

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    hey, this thread helped me. I'd lie to add, that the behaviour indeed is affected by how you "stack" your meshes. If you managed that their boundings do not intersect, you have quite a good physics result.

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