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Thread: Micro Transactions/iAds - After Submitting to Apple?

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    Micro Transactions/iAds - After Submitting to Apple?

    Hello Community,

    I have a quick question about Micro-Transactions/iAds, our game is nearing completion, I wanted to set up the Micro transaction items in the store, I did all the necessary stuff in iTunes connect and Provision Portal, but from what I understood from iTunes connect, my Micro-Transactions won't appear, I have to first submit them with the game's submission, and once they are accepted they will be up there,

    Does that mean we can't really program and test the "buying" of items until we submit it to apple first? Also, we set everything up with apple but still we get the iAd test Advertisement, do the real ads only appear after the game is live?

    We'd just like to make sure we are doing the right thing, do we do the micro transaction bits after the app gets accepted? If not, how can we test that the store/buying items is working, what about iads? Do they only appear when the game is launched?

    Thanks a ton!

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    I'm pretty sure this falls into having an 'Ad-Hoc' setup on your game, so you can test all these functions with Apple without it being released.

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    So, we fixed our Micro-Transaction problem, but we are still getting the "test ad" when we launch our game, I'm just curious, should ads start appearing before the game is even approved by apple? Or once the game is approved the Ads start appearing? If anyone can shed a bit of light on that, it'll be super.

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    Solid Snake
    It should probably be showing the real ads after it has been submitted to Apple.

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    Alright thanks! That's good to know, was worried about submitting it with the "test ads" still showing. Thanks for the info Solid Snake!

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    Nice to see that you got micro transactions and iADs working inside UDK! I'll be very interested to see what it looks like once it is launched. Are there any tutorials available on the subject? Or if not could you pretty please make some?

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    Hello XilenceX

    I'm not sure if there are any tutorials online as I haven't really looked for any, the best resource for me was the UDN documentation pages (although some of them sometimes are a bit out of date since all that stuff seems to be regularly updated). Once I'm done with this project and if this is still an issue I'll see about writing some tutorials or at the very least some sort of instruction set to help people on their way. Until then! UDN has a lot of information in there.

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