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Thread: Rodrigo Banzato portfolio

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    Rodrigo Banzato portfolio

    Hello all. I hope I am in the right place in the forum. My objective here is to meet peoples with the same interest. I am always producing something and looking to other projects. I love the game development, the production, the concept, all that details that makes a good game.

    Today I can only work in a paid position but I worked in a lot team projects in the past.

    For now let me show you one character I made for a mobile game called Milky Way. Her name is Moo and she goes to space to find her baby moo. In this game they are not using UDK, but I also love the UDK engine, hope to work in a new title in the future.

    I collected a lot cow references before proceding to the modeling phase. At the final I loved the way she looks and this is one of my favorite cartoon character. Any comments are always welcome, hope you like.

    For the image I used 3DMax with Mental Ray and Photoshop for color correction and some effects.

    If you are a developer and is looking for new partners, artists and visionaries, please add me in the skype rodrigo.banzato

    Good work for all and let the motivation 101%.

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    Just want to say this pictures is great somehow brings a smile to my face.

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