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Thread: Using conditions with Canvas Kismet Nodes

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    Overlord Bob

    Using conditions with Canvas Kismet Nodes

    Hi all,

    I was trying to put together a basic HUD using the Canvas Kismet nodes that I found here:

    Things were working without a problem, but when I tried to add a trigger to show/hide my texture it would not show up. This is what my Kismet sequence looks like

    If I connect the Render HUD directly to Render Material, it works fine. The Compare Bool also works fine if I connect it directly to the trigger and tell it to do something like Draw Text, so that isn't the problem. This leads me to believe that something about the Canvas nodes don't get along with Compare Bool, but I can't think of any other way to toggle HUD elements using Kismet without getting into Scaleform. Does anyone have a work-around for this?

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    Solid Snake
    I believe they just simply dont support being enabled/disabled. If you want that feature it needs to be coded into the nodes, I suggest using Hourences extension to this kismet canvas nodes.

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    Overlord Bob
    Thanks for the link. I might have to play around with it a bit, but that looks like exactly what I was looking for.

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