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Thread: [PAID] Looking for a Talented Writer

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    [PAID] Looking for a Talented Writer


    Our company is seeking a talented writer to help flesh out both the backstory and the plot of our game. The project is a fantasy/sci-fi RPG-RTS hybrid with an emphasis on politics, not just mindless killing. The ideal candidate has experience in professional fantasy writing, has a strong portfolio to show, and can devote ten to fifteen hours per week to the game.

    This is a paid position; you will be compensated per task completed. Rates will be discussed upon application.

    If you're interested, please add me on Skype (aakaash.rao is my username) or email me at

    Thank you for your interest.

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    Refreshing to see an interesting shift in tone around the forums. Consider me in, my PM has been sent.

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    Thanks for your interest, Altalic- looking forward to hearing from others as well!

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    Thanks for the interest; we've filled this positions.

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