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Thread: Looking for Junior Artist and Visual FX Artist to finish off Prototype

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    Looking for Junior Artist and Visual FX Artist to finish off Prototype

    What is it about:

    In "Future Man Beyond the past" the player is the first person in human history to use a time travel machine. The plan was to sent him to past for a secrete mission, but something went wrong with the machine and now the player and hero finds himself in medieval times. His only chance to get back home is to find the "time emitter machine" that got lost with the crash of his time machine. People in this time believed in Witches and devils and because the player and hero is looking so much different than the ordinary folks there, word is spreading fast that a demon came to the kings land and the hero notices pretty fast that he can not count on any help. So the player and hero has to fight against angry peasents and full armored nights. Luckily that he got his special weapon with him that does not uses bullets... .

    How will it be build:

    Future man will have several chapters where each chapter contains 3-4 Levels. The game is a mixture out of sidescroller action, platformer and 3rd person. The player will be able to unlock and upgrade new features of his weapon that allows him to defeat his enemies on serveral ways, also solving puzzles will be a main feature where you need to use your weapon abilites clever to solve the puzzle and proceed with the game.

    About the Studio:

    The studios name is Vescor Games, if you wonder why "Vescor", well it fits perfectly to us, Vescor is Latin and means Enjoy in english. Thats what we all do, enjoy games . The Studio will be rather small for now. Future Man will hopefully be the project that funds this studio and will ensure that every member can live from it and work more or less full time on our projects.
    Our Studio has following members:

    Patrick - Game Designer & Producer ( Experience in Game Development and Team Managment, been working several indie projects and mod projects in the past )
    Sebastian - Props & Environment Modeler ( Has worked on several Mod projects, was a member on the Team that develops the game "Primal Carnage" )
    Rodion - Lead Programmer ( 11 years experience in programming, developed his own engine with physic engine, has several programming languages )
    Daisy - Concept Artist ( very talented concept artist, skilled in character and landscape drawings (Pictures of the hero concept will follow soon) )
    Sumeet - Character Artist (6 years of experience in character modeling & texturing, main tool is zbrush, has worked on serveral indie projects )
    Suresh - Rigger & Animator ( 8 years of Experience in Rigging & Animating )
    Andrei - Sound Designer ( Experience in Sound FX and composing)

    What we have so far and what is our first deadline:

    Game Design Document - WiP but nearly done
    Private Forum
    Development Managment Tool
    Hero Concept - WiP
    Character Dummy with 6 animations, more will follow
    1st Level - WiP
    Story - Main & Start of it
    Basic AI
    Special 2.5D Camera
    basic GUI

    Our first Deadline is in 3 months where we want present a demo level of our game with all major features in and get the project on a indie funding site like

    A NDA and Royalty agreement will be set up as soon as the demo is nearly completed.

    We are looking for the following:

    Junior 3D Artist

    - Creation of props for our Level Designer
    - Environment Creation

    *good experience with a 3d package
    *understanding of uvw wrapping and texturing
    *understanding of normal map creation

    Visual FX Artist

    - Creation of Particle effects

    *experience with UDK
    *can transform discussed particles effects into CG FX

    If you have any questions or are interested please contact me via reply, pm or my email: pvoelz[at]

    Kind Regards

    Patrick Voelz
    Vescor Games

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    We are also Looking for an experienced Character Artist, who can help with the creation of our Character models.

    You should be able to model from reference picture and concept arts and have self imagination.

    Thank you for your interest, if you should have any questions, please feel free to ask me

    Kind Regards


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