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Thread: How to set position in specific location?

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    Question How to set position in specific location?

    Hi there.
    I have a room with he dimension of 800x300.
    How can I place a wall exactly in the middle of room?
    It's so hard to do it with the grid!

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    Please give as much details when asking questions. Are you trying to build with BSP or import static mesh?

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    Man the question is so easy.
    I built a room with bsp.
    Now I just want to Place a wall somewhere in the room.
    I want to know how to place something in specific location.
    For example 400 units far from one of the wall

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    I'd suggest using external modeling program and use static mesh. Modeling with BSP can be challenging. If you still want to pursue BSP modeling, I'd refer to 3D Buzz tutorial on BSP. I believe it's the Geometry Mode tutorial. Actually, I'd suggest watching all of the tutorials.

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    Also when you're mapping you should always map in multiples of 2, as in 16, 32, 96, 128, 256, 512 1024 and so on. You'll find it much easier to map that way and the engine will like it better.

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