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Thread: The Children (WIP Horror)

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    I still have no concept artist, so I bit down to the bone and tried making some concept art myself. Here is the first concept art for the monster.

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    I like the child abuser version better. At least that would be unique and feel like it hadn't been toned down to cater to a larger audience. You could go for supernatural child eater and still keep it from feeling toned down though, I suppose. It will all depend on the execution.

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    Man if you rly want to make a horror game with children, I'd suggest you to take a look at a game called Limbo. Of course the camera, gameplay etc are different from your game, but the way they did it (sounds etc)... is worth taking a look, it's awesome. It's simple but it's easily one of the most horrifying games i've ever played.

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    Wait. You said there was concept art? Where?

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    I'm glad so much progress is being made here.

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