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Thread: CD Key problems

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    Flak Master

    CD Key problems

    I'm having issues getting UT2004 to start-up because I'm getting that "Invalid CD Key" error that many have apparently got. And I am typing the Key in correctly. Is there a solution to this?

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    yes type it in right lol
    type it as you see it i belive its with dashes and all upper case

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    Maybe you are confusing a letter with a number like B with 8 or g with 9? Sounds stupid, I know, but happened to me once.
    Well, other than that, if you are 100% sure you typed it in correctly you might want to contact Flak and ask her what to do.

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    Flak Master
    I'm sure I typed the CD Key in correctly. On the sticker, it CLEARLY has 8's, but no G's or anything you mentioned.

    I know it may sound dumb, but I just reinstalled Windows XP on my PC and I'm going to try and reinstall UT2004 and see if it still gives me the error.

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