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Thread: The Invasion: Black Knife (Needs Recruits)

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    The Invasion: Black Knife (Needs Recruits)

    Read the full post from top to bottom if you have the time.
    Title: The Invasion: Black Knife
    About: The Invasion Black knife is a first person shooter video game

    The story CENTERS the player named "Brian winters" (Main Protagonist) his goal to get in contact with his family and save earth from hostile invaders known as "Zenocycsts" (Ze-noh-sists) (the main Antagonists) which they (The Zenocycsts) are searching for a small (fist size) rock filled with incredible energy that has crashed on Earth in a medium sized asteroid thousands of years ago. The Zenocycsts first attacks russia , wherein after, the large Zenocycst population scatters around the world and continues to attack and search for the rock. The Player stumbles across friendly military units, citizens, and other international friendly units that will help the player reach his main goal.

    Gameplay; Single player campaign: The Game Features modern and advance weapon and item equipment wherein the player may have the opportunity to customize his weapons, primary, secondary and melee. The game also gives the player freedom to interact with objects in the environment (e.g picking up objects, throwing them, use it to smash through fragile materials, break-open locked doors, ETC) The other thing here also is that the player can choose his own ability powers (Telekinesis, pyrokinesis, hydrokinesis, electrokinesis) and passive abilities (see below info) to choose before the main game starts. Each mission gives out a series of objective. The player is then given a minimap and a compass in the Hud where the player is led to his/her main objective.

    Plot: (Pls forgive me for the plot is still being developed but I wont hesitate in posting the intro. )
    Intro: The game takes place in June 16 2019 wherein 3 Hind Mic 24 gun ships carrying russian soldiers and scientists are almost on its way to north pole that will be researching about an unknown massive spaceship (The mothership of the Zenocycsts) that has crash landed. Dr. Isaac kokarev, a russian geologist expects and welcomes captain Patchenko along with Seargent Grakov (you) in one of the chopper. He then invites captain Patchenko and seargent Grakov (you) inside the small research facility.
    Dr.Kokarev explains about the massive mothership that not only 1 has crashed but there are still 2 other motherships according to radio frequencies and russian scientists. He then leads and shows the two of them a dead hostile alien in a morgue cell which they called it a Zenocycst and explained that it was found dead near the facility in the third day after the ship crashed. Dr. Isaac Kokarev then persuades Cpt. Patchenko and Srg. Grakov and a large group of russian assault soldiers (about 20 of them) to get samples from the ship by chipping down or scraping one of the metal sheets of the mothership. Curious, Cpt. Patchenko agrees in exchange for a large amount of money. Isaac agrees and tells them the way to the ship but only before Patchenko, Grakov, and the other Russian soldiers leave, Isaac warns them that the ship can be carrying more Zenocycsts or worse. Moments later the truck arrives near the base camp near the ship. Cpt. Patchenko commands the group to cut down 5 metal sheets from the Mothership, and without hesitation, the group (Including you) approach the mothership. Only when one of the members tried to chip down the outer cover of the ship, the ship reacts and makes a loud horn. Cpt. Patchenko commands the group to hold their ground. As the loud horn stops, Strange blue lights start to come out of the top part of the ship and later identified as hostile scouts (Zenocycst scouts where the zenocycst is mounted on an armored flying hover machine) which started to attack the Russian units. Cpt. Patchenko, Srg. Grakov and 3 other units find and take cover while the rest are wounded and killed.
    Pinned down, Cpt. Patchenko then remembers and tells Grakov that inside the main truck (Where they had been transported) is the Marine radio mayday call and asks him to run there and call in for reinforcements while Cpt. Patchenko and the rest will distract the enemies. Cpt. Patchenko warns him that its suicide and that the player must be cautious when approaching the truck alone. Afterwards Srg. Grakov (Player) Dashes to the main truck while Cpt. Patchenko and the rest distracts the enemy. As Grakov calls in for help, Dr. Isaac answers the call, In relief Srg. Grakov explains to Isaac about the situation they are facing, but Dr. Isaac struggles to tell Grakov that the small research facility also has been invaded by ground and air hostiles and they stood no chance in fighting back and that Dr. Isaac is the only one left breathing but greatly wounded after the attack. Isaac tells him that he himself witnessed that the Zenocycst were heading west instead of north (where the mothership is) and that the Zenocycsts must have started to invade Russia after the hour the Zenocycsts left. Grakov hangs up, only to find himself face to face with a Zenocycst, Seconds later the Zenocycst Charges and tackles Srg. Grakov, falls to the ground leaving him unconscious. Hours later, Srg. Grakov wakes up finding himself restrained In a container Knowing that he is inside the main ship. A Zenocycst appears carrying a laser knife alike a dissecting knife and approaches the player (Srg. Grakov). Grakov panics, struggling to break free. The zenocycst lowers the laser knife down close between Grakov’s eyes. As Grakov starts to fight back, the laser knife starts to shake and unexpectedly slings through the Zenocycst’s head passing through the neck and ending its way through the back, cutting the spinal cord, ends up dead, As Grakov is the one controlling the laser knife. Obtaining his own ability power, Grakov learns how to control it and finds a way out by breaking the container glass. (Grakov, a telekinetic, In this part the player controls everything in his surroundings without touching them. By pressing something on the keyboard)
    Using his telekinetic ability, Grakov defeats a few hostiles and finally finds a way out of the Mothership. Yet, more scouts comes out the ship and Grakov finds himself outnumbered and had no choice but to sprint his way to safety. Minutes later, Grakov stumbles and falls down in a huge Ice pit, Injuring his right leg.
    Just then a Zenocycst Scout jumps down to the pit (where grakov is) and finding Grakov unable to walk. Grakov’s heart starts to beat fast when suddenly veins start to appear in Grakov’s upper cheek bone, (see below for info of it) giving Grakov an adrenaline rush, using his telekinesis, Grakov sees an Ice shard, pulls it using his telekinesis and throws it to the Zenocycst scout just before it attacks, slicing its stomach out. Grakov climbs his way back up to the surface, struggles to stand up, walks slowly out in the frozen wasteland away from danger, Looks back at the Mothership (where Hostiles are still searching for him), walks slowly again, and after a moment, kneels down and dies of the cold. (Screen fades to black. Title appears “The Invasion: Black Knife”)

    And That’s where im going to end guys. Though that’s still the intro and not the main game.

    Now I’m going to talk about more informations about the game.

    Question: What are the ability powers?
    Answer: There are 4 different types of ability powers. Telekinesis is the ability to manipulate objects in the surroundings without touching it. Pyrokinesis is the ability to control fire in the surroundings (there are plenty of uses when you have pyrokinesis like making a fireball, a flamethrower, making torches, burning up wooden objects barricading the player, E.t.c) Though making fire is impossible with the use of your bare hands only. Using matches or a lighter in the game will help the player make/produce fire. Hydrokinesis of course, is the ability to control water. Not very useful though, but there are still plenty of uses in having hydrokinesis (Like controlling ice, covering the ground with water if the player is falling for his death, etc). And Lastly, Electrokinesis, the ability to produce and control electricity in the surroundings. Accept the fact that this is one of the most useful abilities in the game (E.g hacking electric doors, hotwiring a car faster, adding major damage to hostiles especially zenocycsts, and other.) In multiplayer (If possible) Players are able to choose their own ability power, weapons, passive abilities, and customize their outfits.

    Question: What are passive abilities?
    Answer: These are the abilities that are permanently attached to the player (such as having good hand-to-hand combat skills and combination, having good accuracy in marksmanship, gives yourself extra health, how fast you can sprint, etc). The player can choose 1-2 different passive abilities after the intro game ends.

    Question: Are there going to be human antagonist in the game?
    Answer: I don’t know yet what I do know is that the whole world will be teaming up (Including China, Japan, Russia, US, UK, Philippines, France, Germany, Scotland, All countries will be teaming up.) But I doubt there will be a few human antagonist.

    Question: on what setting/place will the main game start?
    Answer: at first, Philippines where brian winters lives, then travels to USA along with Filipino and American soldiers to reclaim the land. And then I dont Know but the game will be ending in north pole.

    Question: Will there be romance in the game?
    Answer: I think.

    Question: How/ from where did people get their ability powers?
    Answer: im still working on that

    People Needed:
    Another designer,
    And programmer.

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    What will the main game play mechanics be? First-person or third-person?

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    I agree, more info on gameplay and, additionally, who you are would be nice. The story sounds alright, perhaps a bit large for an indie team, but hey, it is possible. Honestly, the only thing (other than adding more about gameplay and who you are) that you could do to improve the post is to fix the grammar and spelling issues (there are a significant amount, I can read past them, but they annoy some people).

    Good luck,

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    Quote Originally Posted by houghtob123 View Post
    What will the main game play mechanics be? First-person or third-person?
    First Person

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    Quote Originally Posted by fragfest2012 View Post
    I agree, more info on gameplay and, additionally, who you are would be nice. The story sounds alright, perhaps a bit large for an indie team, but hey, it is possible. Honestly, the only thing (other than adding more about gameplay and who you are) that you could do to improve the post is to fix the grammar and spelling issues (there are a significant amount, I can read past them, but they annoy some people).

    Good luck,
    Thank you for the reply and the heads up.

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    And If the game is a success and has good ratings, I might even pay he/she who helped me make the game.

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    Oh how kind of you

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    Wait is _____ the actual name of your company?

    developed by______ and published by _______ for microsoft windows

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    It's pronounced "underscoreunderscoreunderscoreunderscoreunderscor eunderscoreunderscoreunderscoreunderscoreunderscor eunderscoreunderscore"

    I don't think you even need to comment on this one Ryan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironbelly View Post
    Wait is _____ the actual name of your company?

    no it is not ____ haha

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