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Thread: Movie Battles III (Star Wars on UDK!)

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    Cool Movie Battles III (Star Wars on UDK!)

    Our original modification, Movie Battles II, was built on the modified Quake 3 game engine for the game Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. After over 8 years of continuous work on MB2 we decided it was time to expand, learn from our mistakes, and most importantly, to create a better and more well rounded game. Movie Battles II was also a sequel in itself to the original Movie Battles built for Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast. After those 8 years, and numerous releases we are now looking to make yet another, more advanced, sequel to Movie Battles II - Movie Battles III

    Movie Battles II is a class-based, team-orientated Third AND First Person Shooter. It features modes such as Assault (Aka Siege), Duel with sub modes: Full Authentic, Semi-Authentic, and Open.You can see more about Movie Battles II in the above ModDB link. Or you can view the trailer below from almost 2 years ago. Movie Battles II also features a high level of player-made content for the game also viewable on the ModDB link above.

    Movie Battles III is the sequel to that, currently only featuring Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes to focus our efforts. More, including those above, will be available in the future.

    We have been working on Movie Battles III for a little over a year now as a partial team. And roughly 6 months before that two developers (Wildebeest and MaceMadunusus) set off to do some experiments in UDK to see if it could be a potential candidate for our new game. After those 6 months, we began our early development cycles. We brought in more members of the Movie Battles II development team to have a go at content creation.

    Above is the official announcement trailer which was released pretty much exactly a year ago. This is filmed on less than 6 months of work on our busy schedules, since we all do this for free. After the announcement was posted, Movie Battles II's existing beta testing team was brought into MB3's realm to give it a go. This allowed us to get a lot of feedback, and hone the games first few features.

    Since then, more weapons, force powers, and characters have been implemented and a few maps are in their testing cycles.

    Our development team, because of years of work on Quake 3, is a little slow on content development in UDK as we are not quite used to the new tech yet. But we are making use of it to the best of our abilities. Which brings me to the actual recruiting statements.

    We are always looking for new talent, even if you're coming from an old engine looking to see whats new: if you've got the skills, we would love to have you! We are particularly in need of HUD/UI designers using ScaleForm in UDK. We have lengthy To-Do lists, so you wouldn't run out of anything to work on!

    We do have the following list of positions open for application. Our team is currently fairly small and busy with life, so we could use all the help we could get for those enthusiastic about the project! Don't forget to view the Movie Battles III ModDB page as well!

    * Programmers (UnrealScript)
    * Character Modelers (Including texturing)
    * Character Animators
    * Weapon Modelers (Including texturing)
    * Prop Modelers (To speed up level production)
    * Level Designers
    * ScaleForm/Flash UI Artists.

    For those interested in immediately applying, please register and PM Wildebeest / write an application here:

    If anyone has any questions, feel free to post below and I will be able to answer them as soon as possible! Remember, this is an unpaid/hobby project! Thanks everyone!

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    Its like a pimped version of starwars battlefront. I like! I have to say im not the biggest fan of star wars. But i can tell you straight up, i wanna play your game.

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    Thanks! You're on the right track, MB2's main game mode is similar to the Battlefront series in terms of classes etc, but the gameplay is actually closer to Counter Strike. Short rounds, fast-paced gameplay, customizable abilities and weaponry. I like to think of MB2 as a mix of CS and TF2 in Star Wars universe.

    However, MB3 is currently being developed for DM/TDM gameplay, but the above description is what we're ultimately aiming for.

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    MB2 seems like fun, do you know where I could find Jedi Academy these days? Also good luck with MB3!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthEsteban View Post
    MB2 seems like fun, do you know where I could find Jedi Academy these days? Also good luck with MB3!
    You can find Jedi Academy on Steam, it usually goes on sale fairly frequently as well. (Currently up for $10)

    And thanks!

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    Some WIP screenies. We're still very much open for applications!

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    looking good im love star wars

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    Wow, really cool progress. I hope you find more people who will work on this

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    Now that you're moving this off of their tech as a mod and more towards a stand alone project using UDK do you know what that will mean in terms of legal implications for use of copyright materials? I'm not sure how attached you are to the name but it might be more fitting to change it from 'Movie Battles' to 'Legal Battles' Heh, sorry, couldn't resist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironbelly View Post
    Now that you're moving this off of their tech as a mod and more towards a stand alone project using UDK do you know what that will mean in terms of legal implications for use of copyright materials?

    While this doesn't get us out of it completely, we are at the very least not claiming the copyright for it at all. If LA decides to take any action against us, I think most of us would prefer the chance to have them take us in rather than shut us down. Our original mod has been known to be fairly successful and features in magazines such as PC Gamer (UK edition), as well as other magazines in poland, germany etc. and reached into the top 100 on ModDB for 3+ years in a row as some examples that I can think of.

    As it is the THIRD game this team has done, I would hope that they take things like that into consideration. LA as well as other companies haven't been taking any huge actions recently anyway.

    In the end, we aren't claiming any copyright for the original designs and locations. We even have disclaimers in our profiles saying that this is not an official game. In addition to that, this is free-to-play, if it was paid there would likely be a MUCH different story.

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