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Thread: 3DS max rigger looking for work

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    3DS max rigger looking for work

    Hey, i'm a junior animator that worked for slithly less than a year in the industry and I decided to shift my expertise into rigging...

    I do have "somekind" of rigging reel however I havent edited anything yet but i'll send my work personnally to any interesting project.

    My stuff is on my dropbox folder and I just dont want to bust my bandwith :P

    but here's a snippet:
    its the soldier from tf2, rebuild the rig from sratch to include stretch ( that can be toggled on/off) for arms/legs... helmet has 4 different 4 pivot point to rotate properly according with wheres the contact with the head ... the collar follows head movement if the head comes close... facial is done with bone although I added a few morpher for fun + some neat script to controls various options.

    Btw: I do know how to work with udk , its been a while since I opened it but I used to know how to build animtrees/ragdoll etc...

    So just send me a pm if you're interested and ill send more work.

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    Sent you a PM,


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    Do your rigs work fully in UDK?

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    nope not the latest ones because :

    1-it wasnt meant to
    2- some use morpher

    but if your question meant something like: have you ever importer a rigged character inside UDK.... then yes I have... and many times but most of the times using biped and adding on custom twist bone + more controller

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