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Thread: Finally UDK is no longer Naughty

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    Finally UDK is no longer Naughty

    I've been struggling a very long time to get a Non Epic Based Rig, Animation, ETC.......

    I now have a 100% Accurate Custom Rig That Plays All Animations Via AnimSet Viewer or Editor

    Also My Character no longer has a billion Material/Texture IDs thanks to a very awesome middleware program called Ultimate Unwrap 3D Pro.

    My Character is fully textured =)

    Now my next goal is to get my character gameplay ready =)

    Any references will be nice to learn how

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    this interests me

    Tried doing a custom rig a while back, but the export always brought in all the controls along with the export bones what 3D package are you using?

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    I use DS3 to decimate character

    Import DS3 character to DS4 for its newer FBX features.

    Then open in UU3D to retouch the many material or texture ID's to 1 or 2 source UV sets

    If I get an error while opening an FBX then I open in 3ds Max 2011 then save it as a UU3D thanks to the plugin that UU3D offers.

    From there I end up in 3ds Max 2011 and I use the older stable way of doing things.

    I use the Actor X plugin to save my skeletal mesh and animations =)


    Daz Studio 3 at home
    Daz Studio 4 at home
    Poser Pro 2012 at home

    Photoshop CS4 at home then CS5 at school

    3DS Max 2011 at home and school

    Ultimate Unwrap 3D Pro at home and school

    ZBrush 4 at School

    August 2011 UDK at home since I cant install the newer versions because it asks for XP SP3. I have a Windows 7 64-Bit Home Premium

    At school I use the latest builds of UDK =)

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    I have windows 7 as well and the new versions of UDK install just fine....

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