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Thread: Pseudo-Sandbox gamemode

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    ut2k4 player

    Pseudo-Sandbox gamemode

    I've always wanted to pose ragdolls in UT2k4, I’m sure others have thought of it as well- Can someone make a ‘mini-mod’ where you can spawn the ragdolls of any character and then manipulate them into positions with a ‘grabber gun’? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; It can be a simple mutator but I think it’ll work better as a gamemode.

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    cool idea

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    ut2k4 player
    Is anyone interested in adopting this idea and making the ‘mini-mod’? It can be functional but bare bones.

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    there is one, Almost, called Karma'Ed on either gamefront or fileplanet, it's close to what you are asking for

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