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Thread: 3rd Person(GOW style) Camera/Movement control set up in KISMET

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdolleyart View Post
    Apologies for the delay.

    Thank you for allowing me to use your code. Much appreciated

    I have been trying to learn Unreal script and for a non programmer it's insanely complicated....I'm sure it'll start making sense at some
    Its not my code...I downloaded it too, about a year ago

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    Vawx bro i downloaded the file u uploaded the gowcam_maybe.udk but its not working with my udk. i tried opening it and it crashed... now i dont know if its the file or my UDK cuz ive been messing with my udk files in order to create first iOS project by looking at this video "UDK Creating a Basic iOS Mobile Game" and the i got into a problem that this tutorial was on 2010 release and i had 2012 release so they have different file names..

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    Everything used is a part of UDK. It was put together in the February release in UDK. I suppose you might have an issue if you're trying to open it in a version before that.

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    Really amazing

    Thank you.....

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