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Thread: Blank UDK install

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    Blank UDK install

    I've been absent from the udk for a few months, and I was looking for a way remove excess udk assets and code from the udk which I don't need. (I'm working with a second install to set up my own code and assets which I shall subsequently move over to the second install). I know that there was a guy who used to do this stuff for everybody, but he doesn't seem to update with each version any more.
    I'm prepared to figure out everything, but I'd like to know if it would be possible to get a pre-blanked version of this month's release first.

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    Solid Snake
    The Unreal FrontEnd automatically strips away content you don't reference. It's just extra work for you to remove them.

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    Yes, but the problem is, if I miss a reference, then I'll be stuck rooting through hours of code looking to prevent the inclusion of one or more packages. I'll make the effort, but I'd rather not risk something like this unless I have to.

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    Solid Snake
    The Content Browser has a tool which allows you to see what is referencing what.

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    So SeanO'Connor's blank install is dead then... that's too bad. I'm looking to strip my install down, so it'll fit on a 4GB RAMDrive.

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    I'm too coming back to UDK after about 10 months I guess. It is sad to here that O'Connor's Blank Install is no more. I guess we owe him a lot of thanks for the great work too.

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