i ve not check in details what seetings u used for ur jumppads but my feeling was to have way to much aircontrol (there s a specific setting in ur jumpad properties to set that value, normaly default setting is ok if u dont need aircontrol for a special reason):
-the main function of a jumpad is to travel u from "a" to "b" choosen points, if u use it without touching movement keys it should be accurate, adding aircontrol allow u to land near"b" point (this is good for example to not land on the head of another player...
more u ll add aircontrol more u ll be abble to control ur fly and to land far from "b"...dunno for others but i always still have my fingers on the direction keys and with ur "aircontrol settings" even with a very sweet touching on any directionnal key the direction change is too big, it give u the feeling to use a jetpack....UT3 use a weird flying way (low grav and too much aircontrol drives often to "unnatural movement feeling, i mean it s like if u can change direction and dance from right to left while falling....absolutly not reallistic....i always try to stay under this limit by reducing aircontrol & lowgrav setting till it become more natural)
landing on the edge of something is not easy if u have lot of aircontrol , it like landing a plane ...possible of course but require training and to be used to the map
what i wanted to tell with arrows direction and the feeling to be lost is on the same way: having a map "too specific" require hours trainning and disavantage players who discover the map, UT3 have so many custom maps that imho it s more fair to install a map that doesnt disavantage anyone and that is easy to memorize and play, history prooved that the more played maps are often the more simple ones (layout)
trying to make something too technical is risky on the playability
visually ur map is superb and trying to make it more playable is not that hard: more facility to go from one base to the other, more easy to localisate urself, less aircontrol to miss less landings while using jumppads, more ways to grab a weapon....and more health of course
i m mainly a DM player and a simple layout maps CTF player so i always feel weird while trying to help on this kind of maps, i hope i m not too wrong (i m sure others will correct me if i am ) + all this belong to personnal tastes and some may find it nice as it is and find my ideas stupid
u ll find answers to ur questions mate but for sure u ll find as many answers as players....i hope this can help a lil
sorry again for the delay to answer....and GL