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Thread: HIS Radeon HD 6870 Turbo X being UDK unstable?

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    HIS Radeon HD 6870 Turbo X being UDK unstable?

    Hello all, my card is a Radeon 6870 and well, it was one of the first ATI drivers to become AMD drivers. Some games such as Transformers: War for Cybertron run forever. But Mass Effect 2 and UDK seem to have a tendency to crash my entire computer at random. What happens is the screen goes black, but sound will keep playing for a few seconds, but eventually just starts looping that same last piece usually making a "drdrdrdrdrdr" sound. When the computer is shut off and turned on, the screen is good and before the 'Start Windows Normally' it shows a bunch of green which disappears.

    It's not an overheating issue since I can instantly go back to the transformers game and play it for hours on end. Also with UDK it seems going "Save As" every 30 seconds prevents the majority of the crashes.

    Is there a fix I'm unaware of, I've tried old drivers, even from the original disc, to the newest drivers, with 0 success, both with and without the Catalyst Control Center. Currently I've had this problem with the December and January UDK versions both trying dx 9 and dx 11. I'm currently dling the march version in another vain attempt to fix this.

    The reason I mention mass effect 2 and transformers is the fact they are both made with the unreal engine, and it is puzzling as to why one game is perfect and the other is the equivalent of Russian Roulette.

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    Hmm, I don't want to say that installing March 2012 UDK with compatability of windows xp service pack 3 has solved the UDK crashing just yet. But this is by far the longest I've gone without a crash. BTW, before installing I put my driver back to "Radeon HD 6000 Series" (Driver Version: 8.782.0.0)... so far so good!

    Edit: That only made it work for 2 hours or so on maps that didn't have much in them. Turns out the card was defective for dx11 games causing a crash if the serial number was before 808, and mine was 626. However now rocking the nvidia GTX 560, woooooo!!!!!!!

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