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Thread: SkiRanger Beta v1.0 released - UDK + OpenNI Game

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    SkiRanger Beta v1.0 released - UDK + OpenNI Game

    We are happy to announce that the SkiRanger Beta v1.0 has been finally released to the public.

    What is SkiRanger?
    SkiRanger is an arcade styled PC-Partygame designed around skiing. The game is about a Ranger who is maintaining the law and order of his mountain district and has to master different challenges. The game uses the motiontracking technology of the Asus XtionPRO and similar depthsensing cameras to let you slip into the jacked of the Ranger and get in direct control of him.

    What about Kinect?! Since we are a company and the game is using the OpenNI framework we are unfortunately not allowed to support the Kinect officially. So you need to get the right driver by yourself.

    If you want to learn more just visit us at:

    The Beta
    With this first release we want to deliver a fun and immersive motioncontrolled ski-partygame and want to give a impression of how the final game could look like. We hope people will enjoy it and give us feedback so we can see if we are on the right track.

    How can you get it?
    You can find all downloadmirrors at

    Visit us on
    our SkiRanger website!
    our Facebook page!
    our IndieDB page!

    Check out the latest screenshots of the game.

    Our OpenBeta announcement trailer from december.

    If you want to see all the videos and images which were produced during the development, just go to our MediaPage.

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    SkiRanger OpenBeta Gameplay

    Hi guys,
    we just want to show you how the motioncontrols of SkiRanger are working and how the game looks right now. have fun

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    Thats done in the UDK ? Wow awesome

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    What software tool did you use to combine the UDKInstall executable file and the Binaries\Win32\UserCode\*.dll into one installer .exe file?

    I already have OpenNI installed many months ago on my Windows computer and the Kinect for Xbox 360 is functioning fine for my other UDK work. Will your version of OpenNI override my current OpenNI installation and could it cause any problem or issue?


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    Sorry Machinima for answering so late. The installing DLL issue is handled by our Installer. After the UDK installprocess is finished the installer is figuring out the location of the game by looking into the Windows registry and placing the files in the propper folder.
    You dont have to install the OpenNI if you have installed the latest version of it. Meanwhile we are supporting Kinect for Windows as well. So just hit the updatebutton in the game and now you even get MULTIPLAYER!!

    best regards

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