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Thread: [video] Lost Nimko for ipad2. WIP

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    Lightbulb [video] Lost Nimko for ipad2. WIP


    We are blackBambooz games and we are developing a game for the ipad2 using UDK. The game title is "Lost Nimko". We are thinking to make it as series for the ipad. At this moment we are only 4 guys working in the game, a programmer, a game designer, a 2D artist and a 3D artist, so we may need some of your help.

    we have our development blog @

    Please have a visit and share some comments.

    trailer (recently composed)

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    Hello everyone,

    I am the Game Designer for the game Lost Nimko; developing under BlackBambooz Studios. The game is for Ipad 2 using the UDK . This Game is like the first installment for the company in the market. We are kind of amateur to the industry so we might need some of your advice and feedback and support us in the venture. Here is a very brief description of the game Lost Nimko.


    The Game is about a Guinea Pig who accidently got in a mystical jungle where he got rid from his weak frame and nature to a more acrobatic and strong one, ready for a kill kind of. Now his objective is to get out of the jungle. The game is a mixture of some easy platforming and Tap action gameplay targeting the casual audience.

    Level Snapshots

    Currently we came up with the base level/environment set where platforms, obstacle, coins enemies will be added.

    Level 1

    Level 2

    Level 3

    For more look at our Gameplay Test Video

    Vir. 1.01

    ** currently we are using the characters from Jazz Rabbit for testing purpose. which will get replaced by our Nimko and so on.

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    Looks pretty good already.
    What about a custom character?

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    We are designing the custom character. it will be a guinea pig (personified and cartonified). we will update it as soon as we complete our animations.

    here is a snap of the character in the splash screen...

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    First GamePlay Trailer

    we just composed our first gameplay trailer, showing some in-game video footage. Please give us some feed-back.

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    Looks great.

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