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Thread: Room 502. A Psychological Thriller/Horror

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhiteHyena View Post
    Man dedicating his life to ghost hunting following his wifes unexplained death in a house-fire. Isn't that the plot from Supernatural? :P

    With that said I love horror games so wish you the best of luck, will keep an eye-out for this one. PS mwesten. One gamer to another- I wouldn't call one of the longest running, critically praised, games series junk. Also if you game features ghosts/anything supernatural than I fail to see how your game is any less 'made up junk'? O_o
    Chill man, i was talking about locations. Of course ghosts and mosnters are made up. Locations tho is another story

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    Room 502, is set in Waverly Hills Sanatorium. You play as the character Hudson Black to solve the dangerous and deadly mysteries behind the infamous Room 502 and the whole of Waverly Hills. Lots of darkness hide behind those walls, and it's your job to uncover it. Hudson Black is a ghost hunter, who wants revenge on his family after his wife and child died in what the police called an "average house fire" but Hudson was not convinced, he knew about the darkness in this world, and he wouldn't give up without facing it. This game is filled with action, gore and a nail biting, horrific storyline.
    Okay, just a bit of friendly advice, when you're writing a synopsis (since this is a synopsis and not a preview) try to maintain a fluid syntactical structure. The appositives are misplaced, the explicit details are unnecessary, and the parallel structure is slightly askew. Also, the synopsis feels very forced, and I feel like I have to play the game to understand or "get" what you have written here; this is never a good sign.

    Edited Synopsis: "Room 502," is set in Waverly Hills, Sanatorium. Take the reigns as Hudson Black, a ghost hunter, as you embark on a quest to solve the enigmas that shroud not only room 502, but also Waverly Hills. Darkness hides behind every corner, and it's your job to uncover it. But, tread with caution, for this gory, action-packed thriller isn't to be taken lightly... Are you ready to uncover the potentially horrific truth of Waverly Hills?

    By the way, watch your pronoun and adverb use. You'll noticed I removed quite a bit; most of which were unnecessary details.

    Finally, keep in mind, that if you're going for mystery (for the love of god) do not use any words whose connotation implies anything. It's really annoying and lackluster when you already know the mystery is horrible, or the good ending that was meant to "surprise" was implied throughout. Use words that imply a neutral connotation, this way, it leaves the player (or reader) with room for speculation, which, for a enigmatic game, means almost everything. Examples of this would be where I said "potentially horrific," this lets the reader know that it may not be horrifying. Also, notice how I quickly switch from Hudson Black to the player (gives the player a sense of control), and how I never explicitly say he'll actually solve the mysteries. I say he embarks on the quest, not that he solves it which the second sentence in the original synopsis implied; therefore, he not only solves it, but the ending was "horrifying," how did I know this? Simply by the connotation.

    From one writer to the next, always proof-read your writing. When you think you're done, proof-read again. If you're unsure about something, don't hesitate to ask the those on the internet; never be complacent.

    Happy writing!

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    Nah mwestrn likes silent hill as do i, he was just explaining that it's made up,and we are basing off real places

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    Updates, happening!

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    Check out indiedb

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