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Thread: LastManStanding - VCTF

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    Post LastManStanding - VCTF

    * Description:*Last Man Standing*

    * VCTF: last man standing
    - A variation on Last Man Standing for VCTF - [lol]
    * Finish scoring your flags; then Score the last kill.
    * Prove your a team player, then prove your a loner pro

    Download Link:*updated to include config*

    Thread Purpose:
    * I recently re-installed UT3 and found alot of Mods/ Mutators/ Weapons/ Maps/ Codes {ETC};
    - for whatever reason or another they have been neglected or forgotten about.
    * I decided to let people have them
    * like the ut2004 sripts

    Related Information & Links
    * This is the only related link i can find to a LastManStanding Mod, but im sure its out there on the Net somewhere.
    - i think this was a gametype originally developed in UT2004. [Author-Will "sKreeM" Geoghegan]

    * anyone who has done something similar with this code in the past; existing authors whose names i cannot remember
    * RattleSN4k3 for help with the trace and config file.

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    It's basically the exact version of the "Respawner Mutator" by GreatEmerald. Your version does not support UTTeamGame anymore (Team Deathmatch).
    Quote Originally Posted by GreatEmerald View Post
    It works on all gametypes that extend CTF: CTF itself, VCTF and any custom CTF gametypes.
    It's quite redundant.

    PS: Did you miss the Coypright/Permissions part? (if you got permission, then it's ok.) But it's always good to look at other sourcecodes, that's how a community will grow.

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    - I have no idea what your talking about rattlesn4k3.

    - my ".u" has nothing to do with what you have posted,
    - i know this because its mine and i have never heard of any of that info or that emerald person.
    - also note that since i made this from LMS source code ut 2004, the only link that is relevant would be the ut2004/ LMS source/ author [which i already provided]

    thanks for your interest though;

    * Peace RS good to see you super active [when im done installing ut3 ill break apart your Rypel cam updates, see if they are smooth]

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    also without a config file how the f did you even use it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TKBS View Post
    also without a config file how the f did you even use it?
    Config file can be easily created. You can look into the RAW code of the u-file.

    [LastManStandingMut UTUIDataProvider_Mutator]
    Quote Originally Posted by TKBS View Post
    - I have no idea what your talking about rattlesn4k3.
    did you try it? [im still installing stuff so i cant test yet]
    Yes. It's the same as the mutator "Respawner Mutator" by GreatEmerald.


    The mod you're talking about is a complete different mod.

    Your provided file "UT3VCTFLastManStanding.rar" is a copied version of the mutator by GreatEmerald.

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    * This is why it did not work for me:
    - i had this
    - you wrote this...

    * Since it works ill keep the thread.
    * i honestly have never heard of this emerald guy; and i see the blatant similarity with codes; but i honestly did not get it from "Emerald" -

    - i obtained the code from ut2004 scripts download

    - i think the "respawner gametype" had as a base - LSM... but it never worked with VCTF - i am 100% sure.
    * As you are well aware [and is visible from all my posts]; i always give credit where its due [this thread is just a bit weird lol]
    ** also to further back up my claims if i had the emerald thing and it worked i would not make this thread.-
    really weird why i have this, but at least now it works LOL

    - Thanks alot Rattlesn4k3

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