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Thread: Invisible Sphere Collision on a Decal

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    Invisible Sphere Collision on a Decal

    Hello guys ,

    I got a issue here and i don't know how to do it , i hope someone will be my light

    The Goal : I need to spawn an invisible Sphere when a player enter in a decal so he's like a prisonner for like 10 seconds

    i already have the decal , i just need to know how to spawn an invisible collision sphere and destroy it , thanks !

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    Why this must be a sphere?

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    cause the decal is a circle but it could be a cylinder now that you said that

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    If in runtime:
    Write new simple actor, in PostBeginPlay in that actor SetTimer( 10.0, False, 'Destroy' ); - collision set to block all.
    Now you need figure out when and where spawn that actor.

    If not:
    Write new simple actor, set collision to touch all and use function Touch to switch collision to block all. But before switching delay that event for i.e. 1 sec. After that set timer for 10 sec to switch back to touch all.
    Now you can put it in to level.

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