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Thread: Left To Rot New FPS/RTS

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    Left To Rot New FPS/RTS

    Just like the title says. Zombies, government soldiers, and of course an RTS feature that has never been done before, the way we are doing it. Check it out

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    Wow looks great!
    Id like to donate but i have no money at the moment Muhahah ... lol
    Keep up the good work!

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    The game 's not bad but you should really do better job on the video.

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    The graphics are bit bellow par, but I assume you will focus on those more after you get all those new mechanics working. My only real criticism with the video is that O's are not short A's and short A's are not three short A's in a row. You shouldn't learn how to pronounce things from sheep. Game looks pretty cool though.

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    2nd Place for Best Indie Game at the UW Whitewater Gaming EXPO

    Check this out now Guys You wanted better graphics and some other areas tweaked out! You now have it! We took 2nd place for best indie game at UW Whitewater WI, Expo.

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