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Thread: FaceFX quick question.

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    FaceFX quick question.

    I've got a very simple FaceFX animation playing on a character through matinee (just some eye blinks), and I want it to also play on another character who shares the same rig...

    Quesion: Do I need to have a unique FaceFX_AnimSet created for EACH FaceFX_Asset? That is, do I need a unique FaceFX Asset and FaceFX AnimSet for every Skeletal Mesh that uses the same rig?

    I was kind of hoping I would only need 1 FaceFX AnimSet per rig. I had also been hoping I wold only need 1 FaceFX Asset per rig as well, but it seems pretty integrated into the Skeletal Mesh. I can at least export FaceFX Asset and import them into other FaceFX Assets, so that's fine... but since I can't export and import the contents of a FaceFX Animset, I'm not sure how to handle this, as it related to sharing FaceFX Animation between rigs.


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    ok i haven't touched FaceFX for a few years, but i think you can use the same facefx asset (fxa file) which you exported from your 3d program but you'll have to make a new udk asset for each mesh, if i remeber rightly you can also use to same phomen set, check my UT3 FaceFX videos as the work flow should be the same, they are also available on my youtube channel

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