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Thread: Fatboy UT2k4 [Beta 2 - Mar 17 2012] [DL][no Pics]

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    Fatboy UT2k4 [Beta 2 - Mar 17 2012] [DL][no Pics]

    Title:Fatboy UT2k4
    Author: Meowcat
    Release Date/Revision: March 17 2012/Rev2

    Info:This mutator makes the player's body grow fatter the better their kill-to-death ratio is. Alternatively (added in revision 2 at Parkis G's request) you can configure the players to be fat all of the time.

    Comment: This is currently only compatible in offline games because the native pawn code does not replicate skeletal mesh bone scaling (with the exception of the headbone!) and I don't want to take the time to kludge in another work around (like some sort of additional replicated actor or a LinkedReplicationInfo etc.).


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    Parkis G
    i like this version of the mutator, the other version makes me wonder around looking for one of the fat players,

    anyways, this makes gameplay really fun, and funny,

    i like to look at different models in their fat state,

    awesome job meowcat

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