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Thread: New Unrealscript Highlighter For Notepad++

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    Lightbulb New Unrealscript Highlighter For Notepad++

    Hey all,

    I created this highlighter for myself, mainly because I was tired of looking at black text on a white background. There is another highlighter available, though it is a complete eyesore and it doesn't really classify any of the keywords into distinct color coding. Contact me directly if you have any concerns or anything

    I hope that this will help all of you fellow non-coders out there, as well as any programmers who use Notepad++

    Unrealscript Highlighter

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    Oooooh, nice one. I'm also sick of the white on black. I'm not down with the cool kids on that one so i'm definitely going to be giving this a whirl.

    Any ideas on setting up autocomplete / inteli-sense?

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    I have no experience in that arena, so I can't help at all.

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    For some reason, in a commented-out section in my code, everything after a " ' " is considered commented out, even though the block of code the ' was in was within /** */


    EDIT: Come to think of it, /** */ doesn't even seem to comment out my code. Weird.

    EDIT2: Oh that's why; for some reason the commenting doesn't work if it's set up like: "/**If ..." but does if it's set up like "/** If..." Think there's a way to fix that?

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    This is the #1 google hit for "UnrealScript Highlighter for Notepad++" but the install instructions are out of date. That menu option doesnt exist any more.

    I think now you have to look for the teenie toolbar icon with the tooltipof "Define your language..." and then use the import button

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    Sorry that I haven't updated anything in a while. I've been using Unity at my job and I'm just getting back into Unreal again. When I have time, I'll fix these issues

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