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Thread: Custom UT2004 Voice Pack Links (More than 100 VPs counted!)

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    Private Tux
    Shameless bump. Again.

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    Hi there, (First post yay)

    I hope this is not considered spam or necro-bumping a thread, but I made a simple Postal Dude VoicePack.

    It's a simple one, it has some Ackwnoldge sounds, some Friendly Fire answers, some Others sound and plenty, plenty of Taunts (which
    is what Postal Dude does best hehehe)

    57 Sounds in total.

    You can download it here

    April, 30th Update!

    Here's another one I've just made:

    Niko Bellic Voice pack, you can find it here here

    1 Acknowledge
    6 Friendly Fire
    5 Orders
    21 Others
    48 Taunts (24 Normal + 24 Rage)

    79 New sounds used, 2 of them are used twice

    Some of the orders/others sounds are a bit far-fetched when it comes to differences between the prompt and what Niko says, but I think you'll get the idea.

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    Private Tux
    Added to the list:
    (Actresses) Ariel Winter >>
    (Male Fictional Character) Johnny 5 from Short Circuit >>

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    Private Tux
    More voice packs released on the American Independence Day 2013 through my website:
    (Male Fictional Character) KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) >>
    (Male Fictional Character) Marvin the Martian >>
    (Male Fictional Character) Shaggy Rogers >>
    (Male Fictional Character) Grover (Sesame Street) >>

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    Private Tux


    Four voice packs from the original Star Trek series released through my website:
    (Male Fictional Character) Mr. Spock >>
    (Male Fictional Character) Khan Noonien Singh (Tux's Version) >>
    (Male Fictional Character) Montgomery "Scotty" Scott >>
    (Male Fictional Character) Hikaru Sulu >>

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    Here are a few more Trek VPs i've done - Picard, Worf, Riker, and Data. They all have over 99 unique sounds each, Data having the most with 131.

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    That Caleb voice from Blood 1-2 is so nostalgic, I remember that game-series. Definitely will be the part of my game. "I'm death... who want some?" and the bloodbath begin.

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    I can't find the U2skaarj voice pack.... lil' help?

    edit:found it in an old system files backup disk.... hesitant to post w/out readme though; author was netlizard, I think

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