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Thread: importing from blender

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    Parkis G

    importing from blender

    hi ive been trying to get a couple models imported into ut2004 unrealed,

    basically in blender it has colors on some of the object, and a texture on the other,
    if i look at the uv map, its way too complex to select individual faces, it would never work out,

    i am trying to take a 3d model from google sketchup and convert it to a .3ds so i can import it into blender ,since blender can export as a .lwo format for ut2004,

    is there a certain procedure that one would use when exporting from blender to get the multiple surface textures to work, or is uv mapping the only way to go?
    (iam comparing it to some static meshes that are in ut2004 that use more than one texture)

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    Parkis G
    i think the thing that i am trying to figure out,
    is uvmapping import,

    like say a static mesh thats already in ut2004 has multiple textures linked to it,
    does that mean it has multiple uv maps?

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