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Thread: swipes from particle effects

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    swipes from particle effects

    Hi guyz......I've been wondering whether i can create swipes like they use in infinity blade.... how do i create them in cascade...and how do i add them to the actor to initiate the particles when the button is pressed....and in random manner according to the animation of the actor...
    Thank you in advance!

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    You need to use a ribbon module inside of cascade. You can then attach the particle system to a socket or joint (or attach it though uscript).

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    Actually, I think AnimTrails are what you want to use for this type of effect.

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    The setup for animtrails is more complicated and requires animation data, which typically isn't present on things like swords or guns that are attached to a socket or joint (at least that's the way I've always understood it).

    The ribbon module is much simpler and automatic. There's no need for 3 sockets, it just uses the particles position, size, color, etc to generate the trail. We did this precisely for the hand combat trails in Batman Arkham City Lockdown and MK9.

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