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Thread: StunTek Games is now recriuting

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    StunTek Games

    Talking StunTek Games is now recriuting

    Current Members:
    Concept Artists 0/1
    Writer 1/1
    3D Modellers 1/4
    Animator 0/3
    Level Designers 1/3
    Character Modellers 0/2
    Sound Artist 1/2
    VFX Artist 0/2
    Programmers 0/4
    UI Artist 0/1
    Web Team 1/3

    About StunTek:
    We are hoping to be a good game development company later on, but for now we are just a team. we are new into the game development industry but like I said a good company later on
    We Have:
    FaceBook Page-

    Contact us:
    Skype id: ethan.g.jones

    About the game:
    This game is about when Alians attack Earth and try to take over, you play as a everyday guy who got saved by the Marines from one of the Alian Attacks, then you go back to me Marines Armybase and train to become a Marine so then you can go to war. the training part of the game is were the player gets to learn the controls and learns how to play the game, and the rest of it is missions and Multi-Player.

    More info
    Keep up to date with the game on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

    Email if you want to join.
    Hope to hear from you.

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    What do you have so far? Do you have good documentation in place or concept art or a story arc or anything?

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    StunTek Games
    Im working on my GDD now but I need a concept artist and the first bit of the story is done

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    To anyone looking at this thread, the founder is thirteen and does not know what he is doing. I had a very lengthy skype conversation with him and know for a fact that he does not know how to handle a project and will not be able to finish it or cope with the stress involved in such a project. Just a warning, because this is not a project with a good future.

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    StunTek Games
    not true, i am still learning but that does not mean i carn't cope

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    Uditt Lamba
    project management ain't easy bro...that to remote development.

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    I think it is always worth trying to do... no matter what your age is, but as the folks said above, it is very challenging. Especially working with volunteers.

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uditt Lamba View Post
    project management ain't easy bro...that to remote development.
    From 1 to 10. I'll give it 10 how hard it is ! And once you get lost in something you head will explode.

    But yea. You can try. You cant lose anything (most of the time) just gain - experience. What matters. Even if project dies. The thing is not to get false hope, specially for people who are determined to do something that cant be realized.

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    The problem is he could get more out of joining other teams or just learning his field first. That and, from 1 to 10, I give leading a team at least 11, probably higher.

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    Big thanks to fragfest for making, or lets say trying to make this forum a better place.

    This is just unbelieveable.

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