What’s different?

Most Zombie games just focus around the zombies themselves, and killing them. Besides Resident evil,Zombie games lack true story. We are taking the story to the next level where the plot will take you down many paths, and just when you think you have it figured out where the virus came from, a few more excellent twists, will have your head splitting in 2 from the excitement!

Another feature that we will have is being able to have small squads when playing the game like in the Star Wars the old Republic series of games. You have never been able to switch characters in any zombie game.

A really cool feature is that when you die, or go down injured, you will be able to switch to another squad member instead of waiting for someone to come and save you, this way you can stay in the action of the game. Half the time you could wait for a full minute for someone to come and revive you, and to a player that feels like hours on end. So we are eliminating that feeling all around.

This new RTS play mechanic being brought into Left to Rot is taking some Roleplaying Thinking Strategy features and combing them into our FPS game. With a snap of a button the camera will pan out of FPS view and into a above 3rd person view, showing the player and his team mates that he can control as well with a snap of a button. From this point on the player will be able to choose to either attack or defend his or her teammates and the player itself just like a traditional RTS game. This will solve the biggest problem with team mate based games, with the commands not always working correctly.